The Assembly Process Of A Printed Circuit Board

Here’s something we would like you to know right away – the process of creating a printed circuit board (PCB) is not simple and may take time. While there are people who can create their own PCBs using the proper materials, they are often not as complex when compared to the ones created using a machine. This article will go through the stages involved in the PCB assembly process.

PCB AssemblyPCB assembly is the process of soldering electronic components into the circuit board. This is not automatically the same as PCB manufacturing, which involves several processes, including designing the PCB and actually creating the prototype. The right components have to be soldered on the boards before they can be used in different gadgets and electronic equipment. The assembly process and the type of components depend on what type of PCB it is and the electronic device the PCB will be connected to.

Kinds Of PCB Assembly Process

When the printed circuit board is done, it is time for the different electronic components to be connected to it so that it would actually function.

There are two kinds of methods that can be used in the assembly process:

1.Surface-mount technology – components are put on lands or pads on the external part of the board.

2.Through-hole technology – component leads are placed into the holes.

The component leads in both construction methods are still mechanically and electrically attached to the PCB using molten metal solder. The process on how the components will be soldered depends on the volume of PCBs that have to be assembled. For producing boards in bulk, machine placement is the best process to solder components to the PCB. This is usually done with reflow ovens or bulk wave soldering. On the other hand, if it is for small volume production, soldering using the hands will work well in most cases.

Often, both surface-mount and through-hole technologies need to be done in one printed circuit board because some of the necessary electronic components are only part of surface-mount packages and the others are only obtainable in through-hole packages. If the electronic components are likely to experience some physical stress, it is good to use the through-hole technology in the assembly so that the electronic components would be stronger. If the PCB will not have to experience physical stress, then it is more sensible to use surface-mount technology in the assembly process because this takes up less space on the circuit board.

Testing The PCBs

When all the electrical components have been completely assembled on the printed circuit board, it would be best to ensure that it works properly and performs like it should. There are certain ways to test the PCBs after being assembled. Here are some of them:

1. Visual Inspection (Power Off)

This simple test can ensure that all the electrical components are in their proper places on the board. This is also the right time to re-check every soldering.

2. Analog Signature Analysis (Power Off)

This is an effective fault diagnosis method for thorough fault-finding of a PCB. This is done by applying a current-limited sine wave signal to suitable points or electrical components on the board being tested using touch-probes.

3. In-Circuit Test (Power On)

This test is done by checking different physical measurements on the PCB such as frequency, voltage, etc.

4. Functional Test (Power On)

This test is done to check that the board really does what it is meant to do.

All is not lost if a printed circuit board fails any of these tests. Find out the source of the problem and change the failing board and/or electrical components so it could pass. In the PCB industry, this is sometimes called reworking.

If you would like to know more about PCBs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Of course, we’re also open to partnering with you in pursuing your own manufacturing or entrepreneurial goals.

Factors in Choosing the Right Golf Iron Sets

In golf, one of the biggest mistakes to make is to purchase expensive golf iron sets that are not appropriate for your swing and game, but other than your playing skills, there are certain factors to consider in choosing the right irons. Some of these key elements include the shape, size, material, flex, and even the feel of the clubs. Another serious factor is the price.

Types of Irons

As there are three types of iron, you need to determine which type is right for your game.

1.Player’s Iron

aimed for golfers with the highest skill level and create the best response when hit properly.

2.Game-improvement Iron – for mid-level golfers

This iron is designed to generate better results including longer and straighter shots, in case you fail to contact the ball in the center of the club face.

3.Super Game-improvement Iron

This is suitable for high handicap players. It is even more forgiving on your off-center shots.

Quality of the Club Heads

This is one of the most important factors in choosing the right Golf iron sets. In general, high quality club heads are made of materials like brass, steel and titanium. If you want to hit the ball well, then do not choose wooden or plastic club heads. If you have the right club heads, it will provide you the best possible control over the direction and power of your shots.


This is the only part of the golf club that the player comes in contact with when hitting the ball. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have the right grip built in such a way that your hands will not slip even when they are slippery from rainwater or sweat.

Try Out Several Irons

Golf iron setsFeel cannot be measured, but it is a crucial part of choosing the right golf irons for your game. The look of the club while addressing the ball as well as the feel of the club while swinging it must satisfy the senses.

Try golf iron sets with graphite shafts and steel shafts. Shafts made out of graphite are lighter and restrain vibration that are good options for those who have arthritis. You also need to make sure that the shafts of your irons have the right length and good quality. You cannot just walk into a golf shop and get any random golf set with a nice brand name.

Now, this does not mean you keep on purchasing iron until you get the right look and feel. You can actually just start practicing with borrowed irons.

Right Shaft Flex

Shaft flex has something to do with the amount of bend in the golf club. Normally, shaft flexes have four types, which are Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff. There are golf manufacturers that offer various different flexes for women. Generally, faster swing speeds require stiffer shaft flex. If you have a slow swing and try using a stiff shaft, it would feel like you are swinging a pole, likely leaving the shot right (if you are a right-handed golfer). On the other hand, if you use a flexible shaft and you swing fast, it will be difficult for you to control the direction of your shots because they can go right or left.

Custom-made Irons

Another option is that you can have your golf iron sets customized, so they would be exactly right for your height. Expert club fitters can match you and your golf clubs to a tee. Properly fitted clubs will make your game less frustrating because appropriately-fitted clubs produce more efficient swings. Moreover, if you have the right shaft, it can make the difference between landing your golf ball on the green or in a water hazard or sand trap.

The Benefits of Having A SEO Firm Take The Internet Marketing Reins

There are some people that will be adamant about not hiring a SEO Firm. In fact, millions are probably going to walk away from this notion, thinking that they can build their own campaigns and see a huge push in traffic overall. You may very well see yourself gaining leverage within this world, without any sort of help, but you’re going to find that it’s an isolated endeavor, and one that is not going to help you get anywhere over time. It’s imperative that you do not do things long term within marketing channels online, because it’s there that you could end up losing market share fast. There are a lot of companies that end up seeing a huge drop in market share because they don’t really factor in how complex the world of internet marketing can truly be. If you’re looking at hiring someone, perhaps you should consider some of the benefits of getting a good firm.

Establishing Authority

The first thing that you will see happens when you hire a good firm is that you will get authority. Your page’s authority matters greatly, especially when you consider the many parameters that are in place to index your site. Your page is not something that you can ignore or keep at bay for long. You will need to update it, and make sure that search engines deem your page well worth indexing, or you will not get moving forward with ease. Many people assume that the authority of their page is going to be something that is not that important, or that it’s going to go away, but that’s not true. Authority speaks volumes to the end user, because it builds trust through the leveraging of several elements. If you aren’t leveraging the right pieces, you’re going to end up losing out on the mainstay traffic that you could get by simply working on the authority modules needed to index your pages and subpages.

Targeted Traffic Generation

SEOOne of the best things that you will receive from working with a good team is traffic generation. You will not just get hit with traffic overall, you will get targeted elements which are great overall. Targeted solutions are going to help you not only build hits, but they will help you get sales and more. You want people to hit your site and actually follow through on implementing certain elements forward. What good is having a lot of people hitting your site, but none of them responding to your calls to action. Imagine having a storefront that never has sales, but has a lot of traffic. That’s not going to allow you to grow over time. It’s important to understand that you will get more targeted solutions with hiring someone than you would any other method.

Mobile Implementation

One of the key benefits of hiring a good SEO Firm, is that they will help you reach a mobile audience. Web mobility has shifted, and millions of people are no longer going to their computers to surf the internet. They are going to their smartphones, their tablets, and they are moving ahead with implementing solutions that are within the reach of portable devices. If your site is not ready for this transition, than you’re not going to get very far in terms of marketing elements for today and the future. You need to look at mobile phones as something to integrate with your marketing, and don’t just target the arenas of marketing that are for laptops and desktop computers.

Content Curation

The next major benefit is in regards to all of this is in regards to content curation. You’re going to find that content design is something that is well worth exploring on a lot of different levels because it brings about a key member of the optimization world. Without content elements in place, and without publishing, you would find that your reach would be diminished in a lot of ways. Sites that do not get a lot of updates are considered dormant to search engines and it could definitely cause serious detriment to the future of your website overall. There is a reason why people say that “content is king” when it comes to internet marketing.

At the end of the day, you’re going to want to hire a good SEO Firm. There is something to be said about going without one, but you’ll find that it’s difficult to deal with as a whole. The reason why things can be tough to deal with is in regards to the issue of results. Without a firm in place, you are not going to really see the right results come through to your page. Some companies are better than others, but there is one thing that is consistent, and that’s the DIY process takes a lot longer and results will not necessarily manifest in the right areas. If you want to circumvent the issues that many people are dealing with, then you’re going to want to look into the world of internet marketing through the lens of a professional firm. Let them take over, and see how far your brand can go, making huge moves.

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Movable Cubicles: their Purpose and Uses

Everyone knows how fast paced the world has become. Everyone always needs to go to a certain place. The concept of “on the go” has become embedded into the everyday lives of the people, replacing the idea of standstill. The world is moving so much that even areas and spaces started sprouting legs – or wheels for the matter – and started accompanying the paces of the people. In some way, it makes sense how people would make use of these moving spaces, also known as portable containers. It is much more convenient and efficient to have a space nearby rather than to go back and forth to a fixed point. This is what a movable cubicle is relying on when it started becoming a trend.

It was, and still is, a smart business idea to create portable containers that would act as the extra space people need or would cut the distance that people have to travel to reach a certain destination. Most movable cubicle providers have also made these containers as flexible as possible, letting their users to customize the products to suit their preferences and needs. Here are just a few ways that users could fully utilize their own movable cubicles:

1.Working Cubicles: from Fixed to Movable

It is not surprising to know that the work environment has changed and adjusted to the needs of the people. Back then, people have to travel to go to their workstations. Nowadays, people could put up their workstation in a place that would maximize their traveling time and on-site presence. The work area now follows the people, and not the other way around.

containerThe most common and obvious use for a movable cubicle is when people are in the business of constructing buildings. It would be more efficient for them to set up a workstation near their construction site rather than travel back and forth from the building to the site whenever they need a space to work. It would also improve their source of input as they could just step outside their office and look at the construction as it is happening. They could immediately spot any issues on-site and design a solution in their workspace, which is conveniently placed a few feet away.

For those who would like to work at home but cannot find a room in their house that could also act as an alternative conducive work area, they could put up these portable storage containers and design these to be a mini-office placed in their backyard.

Other common uses for these containers are as a maintenance building, a tool shed, a telecommunication center, a mobile generator, a snack shack, and a welding shop.

2.Portable Containers: Inventory Storage on the go

Aside from transforming these containers to office sites, users could also make these into inventory storage. These containers are usually made to be highly weather resistant and waterproof, so placing these outdoors even during the harsher weather conditions, would not be a problem for the objects stored inside. Because of the large extra space it provides, even massive objects such as large construction materials, pieces of furniture, and the likes could be placed inside.

The containers undergo a highly strict and rigid inspection process to ensure that only quality products would be provided to the customers. They ensure that anything placed inside would not be damaged by external factors such as the climate or even theft as these containers have their own high-level security locks.

The movable cubicle has really made sure that it not only provides extra space and storage, but also ensures that the objects stored inside are unharmed and secured.

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Importance of Marketing Your Real Estate Business Online

Like in any other business, marketing plays a crucial role. Especially if this is geared towards a garden city NY real estate business, this is of paramount importance. Establishing the business would mean taking charge of communication details to ensure that properties hit the right channels where sales are guaranteed and commissions are cared of.

Leads are important in this line of business because it is where potential clients come in. Business recognition is important because this is where you will begin to know your business. At the same time, it can also provide knowledge and information to clients on the properties that you are trying to sell.

The edge in marketing through online channel is the mass appeal that it can get. While you need to exert effort in widening your scope and areas in hitting target customers, this can by far give you a cost-effective means to manage everything when you are able to do this using the online channel. One of the reasons why you need to make a mark in the online community is the process of gaining exposure in a short period of time is indeed achievable.

propertyA garden city NY real estate business dreams of nothing than achieving great sales at the end of the day. Considering the increasing percentage of people who perform transactions online including property management, there is also a great possibility that this can reflect your sales and help you gain more commissions too.

Property listing is easier to do online where a wide range of audience can also be met. Using the necessary tools, one can utilize this and ensure that you get instant exposure right away once the property is already listed. It is ideal to take advantage of technology to make everything easier for you. Capturing the attention of your clients are made possible through the use of social media sites that gives them an overview on what are the things being offered.

Online platforms exist to provide all the users with resources for researching, buying, selling and performing numerous transactions online. Promotion of these properties is better yet achieved with the use of online tools and resources. Visibility is therefore increased which can lead to even more positive results in return.

It helps you build relationships online and increase your chances of getting more contacts. This becomes a perfect opportunity for your business to earn more. Moreover, it also gives you the opportunity to grow your business and ensure that you get to have the right resources to back you up if you are looking for the perfect opportunity to generate more sales and earn commissions too. This is something that can take garden city NY real estate into a whole new level.

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Taking Care of Military Coins

Lately, challenge coins or military coins, as popularly known, have been claiming a spot in the limelight as great collectible items. Originally intended to honor the services of soldiers in the military, military coins have been redefined when it comes to purpose and design.

military coinsAt present, military coins are also used by other organizations, from the fire truck department to the police force and even companies and sports club. It is used as a medallion that bears the emblem or logo of the organization. Some organizations use it to recognize members or acknowledge their achievements. In some cases, it used to recognize one’s position in the organization. Military coins are also popular collectible items, especially for the senior members of the organization. They collect the challenge coins for display or trading with other organizations.

Challenge coins are made from high grade materials and created to perfection. Using advanced technology and skilled coin makers, the challenge coins are molded and designed to the customer’s specifications. However, even though the coins are made using only the best materials, it is important that customers know how to properly care for the challenge coins.

Challenge coins should be kept and stored in special boxes or cabinets lined with soft fabric. The fabric cushions the challenge coins and protects it from scratches. Never keep the coins with other objects, especially those made out of metal. Otherwise, it is probable that the coins will get damaged. Also, arrange the challenge coins properly. Do not crowd the challenge coins, as much as possible, organize the challenge coins and put spaces between them.

When displaying challenge coins, it’s best to use glass cabinets. This way, people will be able to enjoy looking at the coins without having to touch them. Also, make sure that the cabinets are cool and dry. It is best to maintain and keep the challenge coins at room temperature. Do not store it in damp places. Otherwise, it will become prone to discoloration and rusting.

military coinCleaning challenge coins can be a bit of a challenge. The cleaning method and material used is different for every challenge coin. Coins made from silver, gold, brass, copper, metal and nickel have different cleaning methods.For gold and silver challenge coins, it is best to use gold or silver polisher. Do not use water or other liquid in cleaning the coins. Also, use a soft polishing cloth or cotton fabric when cleaning the coins.

Gently rub in a circular motion to get rid of the dirt. Use a Q-tip when removing dirt stuck in the engravings.For brass and copper challenge coins, use a soft polishing cloth to clean the coins. A jewelry polishing cream can also be used to clean it. Acetic acid can be used to remove the dirt in the coins. Be very careful when using polishing cream. Make sure to wipe off all polishing cream from the coin, otherwise residue will build up and damage the design and color of the coins.

For metal challenge coins, it is best to use a polishing cloth to clean it. A jewelry polishing cream can also be used. Never use water or liquid cleaners in metal coins, otherwise it will be prone to rust.As much as possible, do not use brushes when cleaning the challenge coins. The bristles can scratch and damage the surface of the challenge coins. Do not use oil in cleaning the challenge coins. Oil makes it more prone to dirt accumulation and dust will easily stick to it.

All in all, challenge coins are great display and collection items. So long as they are properly maintained and taken care of, they will last for several years.

Challengecoins4less offers a full range of options to make your military coins as unique as your unit.

10 Do’s That Every Motivational Speaker Should Know

Are you aspiring to be a motivational speaker? These 10 to do’s will help you achieve that.

1. Do identify your niche

A motivational speaker is like a medical doctor; he needs to have a specialization to truly stand out and achieve the highest level the profession can offer. A niche will bring you closer to your target audience—the ones that truly need the type of message you have. Different people have different motivational needs. Identify what you can offer.

2. Do determine your values

Motivational speakerSpeaking without substance is as good as not opening your mouth at all. As a motivational speaker, you have to deliver what particular principles you want your audience to believe in and adhere to. There should be a core value that is present in every single one of your speaking engagements.

3. Do establish your style of speaking and delivery

The most famous motivational speakers are known for their identifiable styles. Some are witty while some stick with serious delivery. Some have evangelical styles while some speak like hip-hop artists with substance. You need to know your strengths and comfort zones so that the audience will also feel comfortable listening to you.

4. Do research ahead of time

Whenever you are invited to a speaking engagement, expect the event to be a confluence of scrutinizing persons. All of your words will be analyzed like you are in a job interview. Your appearance will be assessed like you are in a pageant. People will judge you wrongly if they think that you are showing and acting in a way inappropriate to their culture. Hence, research on their preferences and the place’s status quo.

5. Do speak for the audience

As a motivational speaker, you are speaking your mind and heart out. Your speech should reflect what you really feel inside and what you really want people to understand. However, at the end of the day, your speech’s main goal is not to blurt out your opinion but to help people get motivated and move forward with your inspiring words. It is about them, not you.

6. Do spread your message through other media first

It’s funny how many novice motivational speakers think that they can establish themselves just by setting up a website or opening a Facebook account to “collect” friends. It is not just about the connection; it’s mainly about the reputation. The best way to build your reputation as a speaker is to reach out to more people first using other media, such as social media, print, radio, and free public speaking.

7. Do employ a marketing strategy

Your self is your own product. Therefore, you have to sell it in a way people will remember you. Social media marketing is perhaps the most convenient way to do it, but you can also employ network marketing, email marketing, and SEO marketing.

8. Do invest on appropriate clothes and accessories

Your reputation and ability as a speaker is reflected by how you look in public. It may not be the case all the time, but the impression people have about you greatly depends on your appearance. Build your wardrobe based on your style. Invest on formal wears because many events will require that.

9. Hire people to help you become a more effective motivational speaker

Researching, marketing, image branding, publicity management, and publishing, if needed, eat up a lot of time. It is virtually undoable for only one person who already takes care of his own speech. Seek help when needed.

10. Do stick with your brand as a speaker

Lastly, a speaker is like a business. The brand should be consistent all the time to become a household name. You have to know what brand you want to establish and stick with it.

All in all, realizing your dream to become an inspirational speaker isn’t impossible, as long as you do all the right things.

Good motivational speaker underscore the significance of consistency and teach ways on how their actions won’t betray their words.

Important Facts About Enobosarm

enobosarmOstarine is a SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. It is now popularly known as Enobosarm and was developed to provide remedies to muscle wasting and osteoporosis. This product does not have androgenic effects on non-skeletal muscle tissues. It means that Enobosarm cause muscle growth the same way as the roids do, but it does not result to oversize organs. You can enjoy its benefits without the side effects, so you will not have the roid gut or anything. This product provides quite exceptional results for users and it will help in increasing the lean muscle mass, bone density and strength. It is best to use Enobosarm as a stand-alone product or during your Post Cycle Therapy or PCT.

This product does not affect your natural hormones, which means both men and women can use it. Normally, men take 6 to 15 mg Enobosarm per day. Females should not take more than 8 mg of Enobosarm per day.

Enobosarm Side Effects

Enobosarm is non-methylated, thus it is not toxic in the liver and should have less to no effect on blood pressure. A few cases of gyno build up was reported when taking Ostarine for a longer period of time, which means more than four weeks. Because of this, experts suggest that each time you use Enobosarm you take an estrogen blocker/aromatase inhibiter also.

Where to Buy Enobosarm

The SARM is used by research and development teams searching for treatments for conditions like muscle wasting and osteoporosis. A word of caution: you should not buy enobosarm from the first retailer that you will find online. The suppliers have to be reliable, credible and licensed to sell this kind of product. Here are some tips that can help you find the best supplier of the Ostarine.

Buy EnobosarmYou can start by reading independent reviews for tips on finding the best supplier. These reviews are very helpful since it provides both the advantages and the disadvantages of different suppliers, enabling you to make informed decisions. They also provide you valuable details as what to expect from the supplier.

After sorting out the names of the suppliers that you find reliable, visit their websites and go to the comments and testimonials pages. These testimonials and customer comments are provided by the past and present customers. It will give you first hand information as to what each supplier is offering.

There are lots of blogs, discussion forums, and other online communities on Ostarine and the posts will provide you helpful tips on where to buy Enobosarm. Joining an online community will help you better understand the product, its benefits and side effects and potential uses, its history, the past and present studies done, and other vital information.

Recommendations from people you know who have used the product, whether in your industry or from another industry is a good source. Recommendations that you can get from people you know and trust are better as compared to other sources of information because you are certain about the truthfulness of the information provided.

Enobosarm uniYour research and development team will provide you important tips on where to buy Enobosarm. The team is composed of experts who have researched about Ostarien and who have past experience in dealing with the same.

If you are just starting into research or production involving ostarine, consider having your research and development team for training. Ostarine is unlike Prohormones or steroids and training is important in using it. If you are not sure, you can ask the supplier important things like the amount to buy and others.

If you have chosen the supplier where to buy Enobosarm, asking the supplier’s source is a good idea. You should only purchase the products from well-established manufacturers because these manufacturers have a reputation to uphold and will have the needed technologies, personnel and facilities to manufacture quality SARM.


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